Online Quran Classes

online quran classes - best rated Muslim institution

Today online Quran classes are among the most Efficient yet Easiest way to Learn Quran. Rated #9 in Top 10 online institutions of the World by Alexa (2014, 2015), Alhamdulillah! Ramz e Quran Academy is the best online Quran organization till date. It is our Mission to help You learn Quran with ease, efficiency and complete dedication. We feel humbled to help thousands of our valuable seekers, learn Quran all over the world, with our one-on-one classes.

With a professional organizational structure and devoted Male and Female teachers, Ramz e Quran Academy is spreading Quranic Education all the way to CanadaAmericaUnited KingdomAustralia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, GermanySpainHong KongFranceGreece and ItalyWhatever the age group or gender you belong to, We Promise to Equip You with skill of reading the Holy Quran correctly with Tajweed and help you become a better Human Being through application of Quranic knowledge with complete honesty and dedication. Please feel free to register online!

Established in 2007, Ramz e Quran Academy has Earned a Top Class Reputation across the Globe. It is the only online Institute where students are rewarded with shields and certificates on completion of their Quran Courses.

Why Online Quran Classes

Understanding the problems of modern world and parents’ difficulty to help their kids get quality education at their convenience, we have structured Ramz e Quran Academy to facilitate your Islamic education online, in same cultural way and effectiveness. We believe that the importance of cultivating Quranic knowledge and it’s understanding is the only way for us to succeed in this World and in our lives after death.  

We are on a Mission to take Quran’s message in every part of the World through our one on one online Quran classes and we’ve proudly devoted our lives for spreading this Noble Cause. We welcome you to be a part of Ramz e Quran Family with an intention to be together on path of Glory in both Duniya and Akhirah! Says the Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala:


How Academy’s Online Quran Classes Work

  • Quran courses include Quran Reading with Tajweed, Quran learning with Translation and Hifz/Memorization.
  • Students of all age groups, kids and adults, men and women can enroll in our online Quran learning program by filling out this registration form.
  • Once we receive your registration form, our representative calls you at your feasible time to collect required information for setting up your Quran classes.
  • We process the admission and confirm your Quran class along with mutually decided schedule via email.
  • You can take the Quran learning lessons on PC, tablet or any android device via Skype which is used for your convenience along with supporting software (on instructor’s end).
  • Students just have to connect via Skype on decided and time where they meet their instructor.
  • Free Trial classes are offered for satisfaction of parents during first week of classes.
  • A very reasonable Hadiya (Fee) is charged for arranging required resources and maintain quality. You can see fee structure on hadiya section of our website.
  • Ramz e Quran Academy is proudly offers free online Quran Education for deserving students.